From A to Z. Theme selection and design of the business’s cooking concept, our main goal being the balanced and efficient combination of all elements.

Definition of the business’s needs, such as the seating numbers and arrangement, ramps, bars, the kitchen’s design and organization-while taking into consideration the legal requirements-the layout, the business’s size and style, your entrepreneurial vision.

Research and selection of suitable suppliers for purchasing kitchen equipment, machinery, dining equipment, seating, appliances, always striving to balance expenses with quality.

Strategic planning (number of dishes, beverages, serving times, dish changes, use of raw material) menu design, dish costing, calculation of expenses, selection of suppliers, shopping list planning.

Definition of personnel requirements (shifts, number per position, organization chart etc) depending on the season, special events, the weather, and many other factors. Finding, training, organizing qualified personnel.

Compliance with licensing qualifications and bill of health, as well as application of ISO quality systems.

Finding professional partners in the field of advertising and digital promotion, for the proper endorsement of the company and its services, based on the special features of the customer (target group), the competition and the possibilities of the company.