Nowadays, as working conditions become increasingly demanding and difficult, assets such as flexibility, Food safety is a key factor in both the quality of food and the protection of the consumer from potential health implications. Catering companies, depending on the nature, size of production and capacity of the company can flexibly apply the required HACCP principles.

The managers of the companies are obliged to ensure that their companies meet the relevant hygiene requirements, at all stages of preparation, processing, packaging, storage, transport, distribution, and offer for sale or disposal of the products while providing the company’s services.

The hygiene requirements are related to the building facilities of the company, the equipment being used, the hygiene and the training of the staff, the cleaning programs, disinfection and disinfestation - rodenticide but also to the procedures followed by the company depending on its nature and the size of its activity.

For this purpose, in collaboration with leading experts in the field of safety and hygiene, we create a series of inspection and procedures that ensure compliance with the required health protocols.