Our company undertakes to provide you with high quality services for the construction of your hotel unit.

Design of all catering areas (kitchens and customer areas).
(What will our kitchen be like? What will our bar be like? What will our hall be like? What utensils and tables will I use, etc.)

Services related to the functionality of your space the next day.
(Did we plan our spaces correctly? Linen closet, laundries, warehouses, parking spaces, other auxiliary spaces, etc.)

Consulting services related to licensing issues
(What permits do I need and how long can I get them? Who are the agencies involved? What supporting documents are required?)

Certification issues (stars or keys)
(Who knows how many stars or keys to get? What conditions are there?)

Energy autonomy
(At the time we live in, someone with experience in the hotel field can answer how the energy issue is solved in our new facility.)

Personnel management
(How many staff do I need? In what positions? How much will it cost me monthly?)

Complete menus for room service, bar, beach & pool bars, restaurant
(Menu, prescriptions, back-office services, covering all needs according to the current health regulation. Finding suppliers. Cost and food management study.)